Things to Do on Your Birthday

Things to do on your Birthday

Thinking of some cool things to do on your birthday ? well it only comes around once every year. Yup there’s only one day out of the year deemed special because of you, and It’s on your birthday. Once someone reaches adulthood, having cake and ice cream and suffering through the birthday song may not be enough to celebrate this annual event. You may consider what things to do on your birthday ?. Actually, there are plenty of things you can do. One of the more obvious things to do for your birthday is to have a party. It doesn’t have to be a surprise party to be fun. Plan a get-together with friends and/ or family at your place, and invite them over for drinks. You don’t even have to cook. Instead, serve take out food. Of course, be sure someone brings the cake! . You can celebrate at a local restaurant if you like. In this case be sure to make reservations, especially if the celebrating party is a big one.


Top Things to do on your Birthday.

Casino Birthday casino

What’s more exciting then wining money on your birthday!!!!!!. This is one of those things to do on your birthday you don’t want to miss. If you are 18 or older why not !!! you never know !!. This is a fun way to spend time with either a lot of friends or just  couple.  Win or lose you can still have tons of fun!!! There are many different types of gambling such a slots machines , table games , even try horse racing games.

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Between a good meal,  great drinks, and a little gambling a memorable time is at hand .. for more info check out  casinos near you 

(tip- plan ahead how much your want to spend on gambling before you go)



Jet skies for your birthday

Do you live by the ocean or even a lake? Or are you willing to take a little trip? Then I suggest renting some jet skies for a couple of hours and have the time of your life. This is a great thing to do on your birthday, and if you go with friends and budget , it’s really not that expensive. In most states and places you don’t need a license.

If you’re looking to buy one. ? ?? See How Much One Cost. It’s less than an iPad. Could be the best thing you done for your birthday in a while.



Test drive your dream car on your Birthday

Test drive your dream car at the your local dealer ship. This puts motivation to your dreams and hey its also fun!!!! Things to do on your birthday can be the thing you been wanted to do every since. Just go to the local dealer ship of your choice and ride away. Its does take long and it’s a nice experience for a birthday. I enjoy going to the Mercedes dealership and try my luck at driving there sport coups. Sometimes if you just tell the dealer up front that you are just looking to test drive and its your birthday they might be willing to let you drive the car longer or even let you try multiple cars. sometimes just renting a nice car for a day is worth it to. ride around town in style on your birthday.



Things to do on your Birthday for yourself.

One of the things to do for your birthday is nothing at all! Especially when considering  that many companies give their employees a day off for their birthdays, turn off the alarm and snooze in. Or go out and buy something for yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive, only something you want! Things to do on your birthday can include getting your hair and nails done, or even getting a massage!


Find the perfect pillow to assist your day of relaxation




GO Watch a Game for your Birthday  

For all those who love sports and want to check out a games, GO and do it. Its a fun thing to do on your birthday.  try and plan your birthday or your NACHO Birthday around your favorite local team or team that is playing your favorite team.  This is a great way to have a fun night .Try and look up tickets early for great cheap seats. tickets to NBA, NFL , NHL , ect… all can be found at Stub hub for a good price



Paint ball fight

Ok this fun thing to do on your birthday is gonna take about   2 to 10 cool people just like yourself to make it happen. Trust me it super fun. If you been before you know its loads of fun with a great adrenaline rush to match. This activity can be done with guys and girls with all ages. Girls really like this sport…in fact sometimes there even better then the guys lol. There are many themes such as capture the flag and more. Buy a paintball gun  and Find a place to play . If you own your own paintball guns i say go and have a blast in the woods.  The only thing i would consider is wearing protective gear because it no fun getting hurt on your birthday.




Get ON TV by being a audience member on a TV show!     

Still looking for Things to do on your birthday !! . Whats better than being on national Tv for your birthday. You never know you might win something big to take home. You can even take a trip somewhere  one of your favorite celebrities might be performing in a open settings. i know this sound kind of stoker(ish) but I’m taking about a book signing or a red carpet event or charity event.

check out links below on how and where you can go to get a ticket ..some sites even have flights details as well !!

great shows such as American Idle , 2 and half men , good morning America, Wendy Williams show. For your favorite show just Google how to get tickets. Google   a lot of information and some free bees      Great free tickets to top name shows  Great shows



Clubbing for your Birthday

If your looking for things to do on your birthday well clubbing could be it .

Your never to old to club maybe to young ..but then again they do have teen clubs

you just have to find the club that fits your age range to enjoy the best.

age ranges for teens are 14-17  young adults 18-21  21-25 adults  25 – 35 grown adults 35-45 -  50 &up clubs could rang from lounges to gentlemen clubs even comedy clubs are always fun.

Check your club age and local are that fits you night clubs .



Many things to do on your birthday can be done Outside!

Taking a trip is a great way to celebrate. Such websites as and can provide help for someone planning a day trip, and can even determine how much it will cost.Things to do on your birthday can consits of going somewhere your never seen or been. Try a small town near you with some cool site seeing. Museum and art galleries are always neat and educational, and everyone loves a diverse person

One of the great things to do for your birthday

is celebrating at your favorite place. It could be the park where you played as a child. Other great places include amusement parks, bowling alleys, miniature or full-size golf courses or professional sporting venues. It will be necessary to make prior arrangements for celebrations at such public places. Other things to do on your birthday  is to choose a theme for the celebration. If you’re into cars, boats, horses or anything else, plan the party around them.

Add some fun to your party is to hire some outside entertainment.!

It doesn’t have to be a band. Consider bringing in an astrologer, hypnotist or magician, or perhaps someone impersonating a film star or politician. But if it’s a politician, make sure he or she is of the majority party! LOL. things to do on your birthday can range from all sort of things. think what things to do on your birthday make you happy. Try a bartering to host your party there not to expensive if you find one.

21 & up

If you’ve reached your 21st year, one of the things to do on your birthday that you haven’t done before is to legally drink alcohol. This is the time to plan a martini party. At this event, a bartender can be brought in to show the guests how to make their favorite drinks. Be sure not to forget the supplies, and the vermouth! Also be sure that everyone in the party is of drinking age. Liquor, food and party hats can also find their place in a limousine party. Have the driver take everyone to the hottest club in town. This way, no one has to worry about drinking too much, because someone else is doing the driving!

Click here your your birthday drink of the month


Things to do When your Grown

Even those who are older can find things to do they haven’t done before. These can include a trip to Europe, but for more modest budgets, try going some place new in or near town. Or do something really far out, such a taking a trip in a balloon or helicopter, or trying bungee-jumping for the first time. In this case, it might be wise to have the cake afterward! Something else to do is to change your appearance for one day. Consider dyeing your hair blonde, or maybe blue. (Isn’t that your favorite color?).

GO Home to see Family

One of the great things to do for your birthday is to visit parents or relatives, or if they are not nearby, give them a call. They can help you remember birthdays that are long past. One of the most important thing is to let everyone else know it’s your birthday.You may get a gift or even a free meal or discount at the local restaurant. Of course, be sure to bring along that identification
. After all, you may be the only one who knows it’s your birthday!


There always things you can do to celebrate a birthday !!!!! even if its NA-CHO Birthday



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  2. Happy Prince on said:

    Hmm.. ideas are unique but all are not that good. But some are really splendid. I think going home to see my family at my birthday is a superb idea.

  3. Rhiannon on said:

    Hi im 14 and im turnig 15 on sunday i want somthing fun to do for my birthday. Please help.

    • on said:

      Theres loads on things to do on your birthday.. just think of something you always wanted to do and do it. how about trying to rent a party game bus. you can invite all your friends check out
      http://www.gametruckparty . com it might be in your range.

  4. Hi,

    This are an awsam tips for your birtday….I realy liked it an it has made my day. have got wonderfull idea how to celebrate my birthday differently than other years….thank you. :)

  5. Randi. on said:

    i’m turning 15 and idk what the heck to do for my birthday.

    • on said:

      How about go jump off a bridge…lol no but for real budgie jumping. your old enough and its fun to face that fear and do it. or go to a gun range with an adult ( cant do this in all states must be 18 or older ) hopes that helps

  6. Melanie on said:

    im turning 16 on the 23rd of august and i want to do something with my dad sister and my boyfriend but i dont know what to do please help me its in 3 days and i want it to be perfect :)

    • on said:

      Its your birthday don’t worry about it they prob have something planed for you. Sometimes we can ruin the perfect birthday by worrying that it wont be perfect :)

  7. sally joe on said:

    YO! my B-Day is on tuseday and im turnig 13! what should i do that my parents can afford?

  8. caitlin on said:

    im turning 13 February 15 and idk what to do for it.any ideas???

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