Happy Birthday Messages

Birthday Messages

Below are some birthday messages you can add to a birthday card or
birthday email or ect.. try and tweak birthday messages to make them more personal in your own way. For example add mom add the end or happy birthday bro.These birthday wishes are all unique meaning you wont find these anywhere else.. and if you do they got them from nacho. Some of the best birthday wishes come from personal past experiences a person may have forgotten, something that will make that person smile and appreciate life a little bit more.Humor and laughter is always a gift someone can give. its one of the free gift of life and that’s why most our birthday quotes share some humor. Birthday are a day of celebration, laughter ,and remembrance, so try your best to incorporate these attributes into for birthday message. Check out my Funny Birthday quotes page for some real funny quotes you can use. Also please add some of your own birthday messages wishes , and funny birthday sayings to the comments… help someone share the love of a perfect birthday message, wish and quote.

Birthday Messages and Funny Birthday Sayings for Moms

  • Happy birthday to a mother who was always right on time, right on target and… well, always right!
  • I know that I’m not always the perfect child, but at least I know I’ll always have a perfect mother. Happy birthday, Mom!
  • Happy birthday mom. i love you. thank you for all you do. I know i can never repay you back for all the things you done for me but the plan is to show you that i understand.


Birthday Messages and Funny Birthday Sayings for Dads

  • Not every child gets the chance to spend a lifetime with their own personal superhero. I know I’m not just one of the lucky ones, but the luckiest of all. Happy birthday, Dad!
  • Dad, for your birthday, I’m going to use one of your very favorite sayings: Have a really great day. Why? “Because I said so!”
  • Happy birthday Dad you have been truly a definition of not only a man but THE  MAN. Love ya

More happy Birthday Dad Quotes


Birthday Messages and Funny Birthday Sayings for Boys

  • You’re how old now? Wow… Looks like someone’s nearly old enough to start doing some more chores around the house! Don’t worry, you don’t have to start until tomorrow. Now go eat some cake!
  • Fun games, presents, cake, friends and family… What more could a boy ask for? Well, maybe a second helping of cake! Enjoy your birthday!
  • Happy birthday maybe this will be the year you give bobbies …. well maybe lol


Birthday Messages and Funny Birthday Sayings for Girls

  • They say little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. I hope that your birthday makes you feel like the most wonderful girl in the world, because you are! Happy birthday!
  • Dance like know ones watching sing like no one can hear you smile like its your birthday.
  • Little girls are queens of the world happy birthday lovely.


Birthday Messages and Funny Birthday Sayings for Grandmas

  • Once upon a time, a long time ago, a little princess was born. Over the years, she grew up and became the most beautiful queen in all of the land, adored by everyone far and wide. Happy birthday to my grandmother, the Queen of my heart.
  • To the mother of this family without you we would have not been here. Thanks granny love you.
  • Happy birthday grandma can you cook today :) !!!


Tip: Make birthday messages personal with like in the birthday message above add in your favorite food your grandma may cook its really adds to the laugh and memory

Birthday Messages and Funny Birthday Sayings for Grandpas

  • It’s not easy to find the words to say how great I hope your birthday is, so I made one up. I hope you have a funtastimagical day, Grandpa!
  • Your not old grandpa your just grown Happy birthday.
  • Grandpa  i hope i live a long as you happy birthday lol.


Birthday Messages and Funny Birthday Sayings for Coworkers

  • This is one day you can ask for anything and get it. Make the most of it and have a fantastic birthday!
  • Happy birthday bud .. i owe you one BUD
  • happy birthday to the person i send more time with then my own family lol


Birthday Messages and Funny Birthday Sayings for Bosses

  • Hooray for birthdays! You’re one year older, one year wiser and one year closer to the rest of your life. Live it up right!
  • Happy birthday Boss i hope this year is gainful without loss. bright and fresh like toothpaste and false. moving forward like cars and Nas i want to say you complete our team like spaghetti meatballs with some good sauce.
  • Your not as bad as they say you are lol Happy birthday


Birthday Messages and Funny Birthday Sayings for Wives

  • May your every single birthday wish come true today, honey. Of everyone in my world, you’re the one who deserves it the most. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday honey your getting younger with the years
  • I want to treat you like you deserve to be treated, today is a celebration of my gift that God gave me . Happy birthday honey love you son much.


Birthday Messages and Funny Birthday Sayings for Husbands

  • I hope you get everything you wish for this birthday. That excludes a wish for more wishes, naturally.
  • happy birthday hunny and today you can get some … in your tea…… lol or on me.
  • Happy birthday ole man. i love you keep on living OK thanks happy birthday.


Unique Nacho Birthday Messages

  • Happy birthday !!  wishing you peace love and happiness
  • Make a Happy birthday wish because today you’re a star  baby !!
  • Happy birthday that’s what I truly wish for today happiness
  • Another birthday is another day to I get to show you how much you mean to me happy birthday
  • Todays your day cry , Today’s your day smile Today your day dance today your day act wild, today’s your day scream today your day rule today its your birthday so do what you usually do and act a mule
  • (Sad note) reality is there a chance You might not get another birthday (happy note) so let’s celebrate likes it’s no tomorrow.

Happy birthday what we doing

  • Hope your hear your favorite song, dance till drop, eat your favorite foods and stay in a birthday mood Happy birthday wishes
  • Happy birthday I want to thank you for making it another year because not everyone did. Life is ment to be conqured and birthdays are another under our belts ..  so happy VINE VINE birthday!!!!!
  • We don’t have birthday all the time but when you do make it a happy one
  • Today was the day a women bleed in pain to have you .  Occward happy birthday
  • I wish you a happy birthday I wish you a happy birthday I wish you a happy wait wrong song lol happy birthday
  • close your eyes … are they close … now don’t open them until I say so …… ok open.. ok open hello … hello … hello….   Lol happy birthday
  • Happy birthday from your gangster homie lover friend
  • No cash this year happy birthday lololol …. Oh you didn’t think that was funny :}


Birthday Messages 101

Happy Birthday messages should contain messages you really would like to share. for example don say i want to give her a funny birthday message …but instead say , i want my message to say i love you in a funny way. Messages reflect the way you feel for someone and should be taken seriously by both parties. Think about what you are really saying because in reality you do not know if this will be their last birthday or not or heck it could be your lasts, so make sure you do your best to express you deepest birthday message correctly.

Its not all about money, even if you think that person will not care what you write or express in the card…Because you never know… it might mean something down the line maybe when there going to old items they’ll remember your love when they need it. that why when you give a birthday message do it out of love because love withstands all and is never in vain unless you give up it always produces something good. … Make it a happy birthday that will last with a message that means something.funny Birthday Message quotes


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