Birthstone colors

Birthstone colors

Birthstone colors have been used for centuries to decorate an adorn bodies. The concept of birthstone colors are believed, in some way, to speak of the personality and traits of the person who is wearing their birthstone colors. The use of birthstones can be dated back to the Gregorian period when a poem matching each stone to the month in which it is associated with appeared on a Gregorian calender. Tiffany and Co, the famous jeweler, used the poetry as a marketing tool in the last 19th century. Below you will find each month and the birthstone colors associated with that month in addition to what the connection means.

Birthstone colors by Month

  • January: Birth stone color

The traditional birthstone for the month of January Birthstone colorsis the Garnet. Garnets have been popular for centuries and have long been used for their birthstone colors and the quality of the gem. Garnets are abrasive and lend themselves well to all types of jewelry but they are popular in drop-style earrings. Tear shaped garnets are especially striking and they can be found in most small and large jewelers.

  • February:Birthstone color

Amethyst is the official birthstone for the month of February and is one of the most birthstone colorsvibrant of all the birthstone colors. The deep purple associated with the stone lends itself well to pendants and looks especially striking in a tennis bracelet. Amethyst is also thought to have healing properties and thus amethyst jewelry can be readily found in New Age stores and shops focused on homeopathy. In addition the striking color makes them a common choice for major jewelers and retailers as well as online shopping venues.


  • March: Birthday stone color

The month of March is commonly associated with Heliotrope as it’s birthstone. Heliotrope is alternatively called bloodstone because the birthstone colors are speckled birthstone colorswith red, oxidized iron, that appears like speckles of blood. The stone comes in several different favorites and offers up several different birthstone colors to choose from, but the traditional bloodstone is a deep green with red specks running through it. Bloodstone appeared to have fallen out of favor with jewelers for some time but has recently made a comeback and appears often in cuff links and band-style rings. Many bloodstone pieces can be found on online purveyor of jewelry; however pieces remain hard to come by in stores.

  • April: B-day Stone color

The month of April has been blessed with the diamond birthstone; although there is birthstone colorstechnically no birthstone colors associated with the month as diamonds are transparent. The diamond is the most classic of all gems and the most precious gemstone associated with a birthstone. Diamond jewelry can be worn in any way imaginable and uses range from basic stud earrings to intricate and elaborate necklaces and bracelets. Traditional retailers are the best place to search for diamond items as clarity and quality vary greatly.

  • May: Birthday Color

The deep beauty of the mystical emerald. Emeralds were long considered a noblebirthstone colors gemstone and were believed to hold mystical powers. The birthstone colors associated with this month are greens and the deep green associated with the emerald stands for nobility in some parts of the world. The ease of use of this stone lends itself well in jewelry and can often be found in rings; Claddagh rings, specifically often employ the use of emeralds. They can be located in all types of jewelry at fine jewelry retailers as well as department stores.


  • June: Birth Color birthstone colors

The month of June is associated with agate, a perplexing a beautiful stone that comes in many forms and is associated with a myriad of birthstone colors. Agate is often used in floral shaped jewelry and also lends itself well to elaborate necklaces and pendants; which is what most wearers associated the stone with. Online retailers have a wide array of jewelry associated with this stone.

  • July: Birthday stone colors birthstone colors

The month of July is well known for its affinity for rubies. The bright red birthstone colors associated with the stone lends itself well to people born in the warm, passion-filled month of July. Rings featuring rubies are common and popular and look especially elegant. Rubies of all type can be found at fine jewelers around the world.

  • August: Birthday stone colors

The month of August features the peridot as its associated stone. The stone, which is august birthstone colorslime green in color is bright, fun and tropical and thus is often features in the elaborate workings of pendants and broaches. The peridot has many of the same qualities as jade and thus is used in a similar fashion. The stone can be found in select jewelers throughout the country, but is generally not easy to find in large, department stores. Check with small, boutique retailers for easy access to the gem.

  • September: Colors birthstone colors

The deep blue birthstone colors are commonly associated with the month of September because of its connection to the sapphire. Sapphires are known for their range in color from a blue tint to deep, dark blues. Both birthstone colors are associated with the month. Sapphires remain popular in most jewelry and can be worn in cuff links, on necklaces or in a pair of earrings with ease. The sapphire is also one of the easiest gems to locate in store.

  • October: Birth Stones colors birthstone colors

The month of October has been given the birthstone of Opal. Opals, as a stone, can display every single color in the visible spectrum and have been much beloved as a jewelry item in rings for decades. They should be worn casually and can be found in most retail stores.

  • November: Birth Stones colors novermber birthstone colors

The month of November is connected to the Topaz and its amber birthstone colors. While topaz comes in a myriad of colors the amber colored stone is associated with this month of birth. Topaz are commonly found in earrings of the stud variety and should be worn casually. They can be found in online retailers and boutique shops.



  • December: Birth Stone   birthstone colors

The birthstone of December is Turquoise. The stone rose in popularity in the mid-20th century but has been used for centuries and is strongly associated with the Egyptian culture. Because of this it is commonly found in Egyptian themed pieces, most commonly necklaces. It should be worn in this style for formal or casual events.It is easy to come by in shops associated with the Middle East.


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